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Ruth ([personal profile] naomiandruth) wrote2025-11-21 03:40 pm
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Totally Not Copying My Partner's Sticky

I have very little idea of how to Dreamwidth, but supposedly a sticky post for an intro is best so... Hi? Please use this to introduce yourselves or ask me questions or so on and so forth.

I'm a geology student at SFU, a writer, converting to Judaism (which is going to probably be most of this blog, since I'm starting with chattering chapter-by-chapter about the book I just got) and I like cats and my hair and headcovering stuff which may also get some airtime here.

Fandom-wise, I'm mostly into Hetalia, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett, Tamora Pierce, Anita Blake, Star Wars (by osmosis from my partner [personal profile] slashmarks), MCU movies, and a couple others I've gleaned bits and pieces of over the years. I like talking about fandom in general, so I can get started geeking on almost anything (I tried and failed to read Game of Thrones, but by word do I have opinions about it) and will happily listen to OTHER people's geeking about fandoms I don't currently know.

I have an AO3, several Tumblrs, and will happily give them when asked but am not posting them offhand.